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American Fuzzy Lops

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold any rabbit.  Rabbit are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Delivery is available to 2014 ARBA Convention and 2015 HLRSC, ANDRC & AFLRC Nationals..

If you are interested in something specific and don't see it, please email us, we may have it available, otherwise  we are happy to add you to our waiting list.  Those wait-listed are notified first of new sale rabbits.

We do ship weather/airlines permitting.  Domestic shipments have a $500.00 minimum, International shipments have a $1000.00 minimum.  Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping i.e. shipping fees, health certificate, carrier, feed/water cups.

We do not sell pet rabbits.

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Netherland Dwarf Jrs available late July.
Email for Availability.

Netherland Dwarfs



Rabbit Hole's S1SPC
Tort Sr. Buck
July 7, 2013
Sire: Rabbit Hole's Sprout
Sam: Rabbit Hole's Chelsea
Last Updated July 28, 2014




A limited selection of quality American Fuzzy Lops will be available in late July.  Please email for availability.

If you are interested in a Fuzzy Lop to be delivered to the ARBA Convention NOW is the time to contact me!  :)
A limited selection of Holland Lop juniors will be available in late July.  Please email for availability.